I am a certified onestroke instructor, have been teaching basic art concepts and One Stroke Painting in the valley for the past 5 years. Through the help of referrals, I have enjoyed teaching many students and continue to add new classes based on growing needs.I enjoy teaching art because it allows me to help my students express their emotions, feelings, events, and words into their completed projects.WeLearnArt offers a safe and nurturing environment for students of all ages to express their artistic abilities.

I am currently offering affordable Introduction to Art classes for children(5 and up) and One Stroke Painting classes for children (7 and up) and adults.Students in the Introduction to Art class will explore the fundamentals of art with pastels, crayons and paint.They will learn about primary/secondary colors, color mixing,color tinting, borders, etc.

while working with a variety of tools and mediums. One Stroke Painting is a painting techniquethat has been trademarked by Donna Dewberry that allows you to create beautiful projects using simple strokes, brushes, and paints.

In my One Stroke Painting class, students will learn the fundamentals of One Stroke Painting from start to finish while practicing on a variety of mediums.I invite you to visit my Photo Gallery, Class Schedule, or just browse my site for more information.

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